My Special Request

I realize, the authentic form of a mature politician’s cultural practices of thought, talk, and action, is what is often referred to as “being civilized.” For me and probably for you, being civilized must also be biologically feasible, or it would be a source of poor health by forcing behavior counterproductive to good health. As it turns out, mature politician relations leading to a culture of liberty and justice for all to survive and thrive peacefully, is biologically the most favorable for health and healing, whether we are hermits, members of organizations, or simply conscious beings, anywhere on earth, regardless of age or sex.

Although the terms “political, in politics, and a politician,” are very common, I want to avoid here “immature politician” references that are based on slogans, sound bites, euphemisms, habits, traditions, hearsay, spin, or personal “expert” agendas.

That said, here is my special request:

I am not asking you to believe that anything in this blog is the truth, for the truth cannot be given to you. You must discover it. To discover it, there must be in a state of critical conscious development, in which there is “direct perception” (Jiddu Krishnamurti). This is, what I understand, must be the daily practice of a mature politician, in all relations with other human and the nonhuman surroundings.

For example, when a candidate for an official office in an organization, a parent, teacher, clergy member, or anyone says, “I believe,” a mature politician would respect their right to believe anything. A mature politician would ask: what do they understand, and how has that become known to them, and why would they want you to have that idea also? Finally, a mature politician would want to weigh with them in deliberation, how the idea contributes to liberty and justice for all to survive and thrive peacefully.

I am asking you instead: If anything I mention here is opposed to your way of understanding or belief, I ask you to temporarily suspend your resistance to what I propose. You may be right, and I may be wrong. But by suspending your belief or understanding temporarily to consider these ideas together, we practice a mature politician’s approach. Together, we try to make knowledge that is at once technical, practical, and emancipation, which is necessary for an authentic culture of liberty and justice for all to survive and thrive peacefully.

As the Israeli journalist and novelist Amos Oz said to Jeffery Brown during a recent interview on the PBS NewsHour Bookshelf (Dec. 26, 2016), about the purpose of literature (I’m paraphrasing): Let us look one more time at things we have seen a million times, and perhaps see them afresh. This way, we can reconsider what we were sure we knew, or are convinced of.



So, here is what is going on, to the best of current knowledge. At birth, all human animals start with a Primal conscious state stage of development. At this stage, they are oblivious to a self, others, and their surroundings. Natural law rules human animal behavioral relations, thought, and expression, with other human animals and non-human surroundings, uninformed by Human law.

In my next blog post, I will pick up here and explore this theory in depth.

Bob Walker

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